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Asparagaceae, Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, 1789.
Asparagaceae: Liliaceae için: Perennial (rarely annual) herbs, usually with rhizomes, corms, bulbs or tubers; rarely spinose climbers. Leaves basal or cauline (rarely equitant), sometimes reduced to cauline scales and then ovate or linear cladodes present. Inflorescence a panicle, raceme, umbel or corymb, or flowers solitary. Perianth biseriate (or rarely uniseriate by supression of inner whorl); segments (4-)6(-8), free or connate, usually petaloid. Stamens (4-)6(-10). Nectaries septal, basal or borne on perianth. Ovary 3 locular, always superior (rarely with perigynous disc). Styles 1-3, rarely 5, simple or lobed. Fruit a capsule or berry. Seeds rounded, triquetrous or discoid.
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Scilla bithynica

Scilla bithynica, Boncuk sümbül, Türk sümbülü hakkında genel bilgiler. Scilla bithynica, Boncuk sümbül, Türk sümbülünün faydaları ve zararları.