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Dizin: Ranunculus

Ranunculus, Carl von Linnaeus, 1753.
Düğün çiçeği.
Annual or perennial, caulescent, often acrid herbs, terrestrial or aquatic. Flowers ± panicled or solitary, yellow, red or white. Leaves alternate, often mainly radical. Perianth biseriate, outer segment sepaloid (sepals), inner petaloid (petals). Sepals usually 3 or 5, usually deciduous in fruit. Petals usually 5 or more, bearing a nectar pit towards the base often protected by a scale. Stamens usually numerous. Carpels few to many. Achenes few to many, usually with a persistent, glabrous style (beak).
A widespread temperate genus badly in need of world wide reevision. Material should be collected to show the basal portions of the plant; ripe fruit and notes on sepal posture are required. In the following account, ‘segments’ (unqualified) refers to the primary segments of the leaves. Unless stated otherwise, the lenght of the achene excludes the beak; the latter has been measured from base to apex in a straight line, excluding curvature. As the sectional classification is unsatisfactory for our purpose, several informal groups (in large part natural) are adopted here and keyed out below.
Key to the species