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Solanaceae Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, 1789.
Solanaceae: Herbs, shrubs or small trees, with internal phloem. Leaves simple to pinnate, exstipulate, alternate or upper opposite. Flowers solitary and axillary or in inflorescences, hermaphrodite, actinomorphic or rarely slightly zygomorphic (Hyoscyamus). Calyx (3-)5 lobed or dentate, persistent, often accrescent in fruit. Corolla rotate, campnaulate or infundibular, 5 lobed, lobes folded, contorted or imbricate. Stamens 5(-4), adnate to corolla tube and alternating with lobes. Ovary superior, normally oblique and 2 carpellate, rarely 4 locular due to secondary septa (Datura), septum rarely degenerating and fruit unilocular (Mandragora). Fruit a berry or a circumscissile or septicidal capsule. Seeds numerous.
1. Plant caulescent; fruit a berry or capsule
 2. Fruit a capsule
  3. Fruit a 2 locular circumscissile capsule
   4. Inflorescence a spike or raceme, leafy; fruiting calyx indurated or not 11. Hyoscyamus
  3. Fruit a 2-4 locular septicidal capsule
   5. Flowers solitary, axillary; capsule spiny or with large tubercles 9. Datura
 2. Fruit a berry
  6. Fruiting calyx inflated, enclosing berry
   7. Flowers solitary, axillary 4. Physalis
  6. Fruiting calyx not inflated
   8. Corolla campanulate or infundibular; anthers not connivent
    9. Shrubs, usually spiny; flowers c. 1 cm; calyx bilabiate, slightly accrescent 6. Lycium
    9. Perennial unarmed herbs; flowers c. 3 cm; calyx regular, accrescent 7. Atropa
   8. Corolla rotate; anthers connivent
    10. Anthers dehiscing by apical pores, later splitting introrsely 1. Solanum
    10. Anthers dehiscing by longitudinal slits
     11. Corolla white or purplish; leaves entire; berry rather dry, inflated 2. Capsicum
     11. Corolla yellow; leaves imparipinnate; berry fleshy 3. Lycopersicon