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Rosaceae Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, 1789.
Woody or herbaceous, sometimes armed. Leaves alternate, usually stipulate, simple or compound, often with a toothed margin. Inflorescence diverse, in trees and shrubs often borne on spur shoots. Flowers hermaphrodite or unisexual, actinomorphic, perigynous or epigynous. Sepals 4-5, free; epicalyx present or absent. Petals 4-5, free, or absent. Stamens 1-many. Ovary superior to inferior, of 1-many carpels, the carpels only united in genera with ± inferior ovary. Fruit with a dry or fleshy receptacle or hypanthium of diverse form, bearing follicles, achene(s), or drupe, or forming a pome (i.e. with the ± syncarpous ovary (carpels 1-5) adnate to and enclosed by the fleshy receptacle); never a syncarpous capsule as in Saxifragaceae or Parnassiaceae, or a true berry as in Grossulariaceae. Seeds usually without endosperm.
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