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Ranunculaceae, Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, 1789.
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Ranunculaceae: Herbs, rarely woody climbers. Leaves usually alternate and exstipulate, sometimes all basal, rarely opposite or stipulate. Flowers hermaphrodite, hypogynous, actinomorphic or zygomorphic. Perianth uniseriate or biseriate, the segments usually free, those of the inner whorl often nectariferous. Stamens usually numerous, spirally arranged, centripetal, anthers extrorse. Gynaecium apocarpous, rarely synocarpous or of 1 carpel. Fruit a head of achenes or follicles, rarely 1 follicle, or baccate.
Kocaeli’nde görülen Ranunculaceae cinsleri
1. Leaves opposite; plant climbing 11. Clematis
1. Leaves alternate or all basal; plant not climbing
 2. Fruit a group of follicles, or baccate
  3. Flowers actinomorphic
   4. Inflorescence raceme; fruit baccate 5. Actaea
   4. Inflorescence a panicle, or cymose, or flowers solitary; fruit a group of follicles
    5. Perianth biseriate, the segments of the inner series nectariferous; leaves ± compound
     6. Annuals; leaves 2-3 x pinnatisect with elongated segments 3. Nigella
     6.Perennials; leaves ternately or palmately compound, digitate or pedate, segments rarely elongated
      7. Perianth segments of the inner whorl spurred; leaves ternately compound 16. Aquilegia
      7. Perianth segments of the inner whorl not spurred; leaves not ternately compound
       8. Stem leaves forming a whorled involucre subtending the flower 2. Eranthis
       8. Stem leaves absent, or not forming a whorled involucre subtending the flower
        9. Follicles completely free; outer perianth segments yellow, deciduous 4. Trollius
        9. Follicles united, at least at the base; outer perianth segments greenish, tipped or sometimes fading purple, persistent 1. Helleborus
    5. Perianth uniseriate; nectar secreted by the carpels; leaves simple, cordate 6. Caltha
  3. Flowers zygomorphic
   10. Follicles 3-5; inner perianth segments free
    11. Upper outer perianth segment hooded; 2 upper, inner perianth segments crozier shaped, standing beneath the hood 7. Aconitum
    11. Upper outer perianth segment spurred; inner perianth segments laminate, the upper spurred and contained within the sepal spur 8. Delphinium
   10. Follicle solitary; inner perianth segments united, with a single spur 9. Consolida
 2. Fruit a group of achenes
  12. Perianth uniseriate, all the segments similar
   13. Leaves palmately or pinnately divided; stem leaves in a single, often involuxrate whorl 10. Anemone
   13. Leaves ternately divided; stem leaves never involucrate or in a single whorl 17. Thalictrum
  12. Perianth biseriate, the segments in 2 dissimilar whorls
   14. Leaves all radical
    15. Leaves simple; outer perianth segments minutely spurred, deciduous 15. Myosurus
    15. Leaves palmatisect; outer perianth segments not spurred, persistent 14. Ceratocephalus
   14. Cauline leaves present
    16. Perianth segments of inner whorl usually more than 5, without a nectary pit; leaves pinnatisectly divided or decompound 12. Adonis
    16. Perianth segments of the inner whorl often 5, with a nectary pit near the base often protected by a scale; leaves often palmately divided 13. Ranunculus