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Fabaceae John Lindley, 1836.
Fabaceae (Leguminosae): Woody or herbaceous. Leaves alternate, usually stipulate, bipinnate, simply pinnate, digitate, trifoliate or simple (often unifoliate or phyllodic). Flowers actinomorphic or zygomorphic, hypogynous or sometimes perigynous, usually hermaphrodite, and in racemes, spikes or umbels or solitary. Sepals (4-)5, the odd sepal always anterior. Petals (1-)5, valvate or imbricate in bud, free or rarely partially connivent. Stamens 4-many, usually 10, all united in a tube (monadelphous) or with the upper stamen free (diadelphous), or all free. Carpel 1, superior, with marginal placentation. Fruit a legume (i.e. dehiscing along both ventral (ovuliferous) and dorsal (non ovuliferous sutures), or indehiscent, sometimes fragmenting into 1 seeded portions (lomentum). Seeds 1-many.
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